High Court awards substantial damages for personal injuries

16 Jul 2015

On 15 May 2015, Mr Justice Barr in the High Court delivered judgment in the case of Flynn -v- Long Record No. 2011/7761P in which the Plaintiff was awarded €685,648 after suffering serious injuries in a road traffic accident in 2009. While the Plaintiff was on the way to the airport with friends and her fiancé, a drunk driver of a second vehicle brought his vehicle onto the wrong side of the road and both vehicles collided, killing her fiancé and another passenger. The plaintiff suffered a fracture at base of skull which led to immobilisation for five month period, post-traumatic stress syndrome and depressive disorder. Also, the head fracture developed in epilepsy, for which she needs a carer while with her child. Damages awarded were €150,000 for pain and suffering to date, €200,000 for pain and suffering into the future, past loss of earnings €51,818, future loss of earnings €59,274, cost of night care worker €218,187, special damages €6,368.